You've Got the WILL

We've Got the WAY




Kari Schwear

Founder of Gray Tonic & Question the Drink

Adessa is a breath of fresh air, spirit-filled, and a strong encourager. Each time I'm with her, I am edified by her words. She is a gifted coach with a tremendous amount of knowledge. Adessa is wise beyond her years that makes her a strong force for others. Thank you, Adessa. Your heart shines through in everything you do and say. 


Quintin Wilkinson

Author, Poet & Speaker

Adessa is a skilled coach who can help anyone accomplish their objectives.  When working with Adessa she helped me assess where I was regarding my overall health and wellness. She helped me create a wellness success plan that revitalized my life. I was no longer wandering in the jungle with no purpose exercising here or there rather I had a definite direction of where I needed to be regarding the promised land of great fitness and health.