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Kari Schwear

Founder of Gray Tonic & Question the Drink

Adessa is a breath of fresh air, spirit-filled, and a strong encourager. Each time I'm with her, I am edified by her words. She is a gifted coach with a tremendous amount of knowledge. Adessa is wise beyond her years that makes her a strong force for others. Thank you, Adessa. Your heart shines through in everything you do and say. 

Quintin Wilkinson

Author, Poet & Speaker

Adessa is a skilled coach who can help anyone accomplish their objectives.  When working with Adessa she helped me assess where I was regarding my overall health and wellness. She helped me create a wellness success plan that revitalized my life. I was no longer wandering in the jungle with no purpose exercising here or there rather I had a definite direction of where I needed to be regarding the promised land of great fitness and health.

Hubert Yarborough 

Senior Director of Emergency Services

As a Substance Abuse Counselor and Interventionist, I have endured a lot of intense and difficult times in the past year while working with patients. I have been fortunate to have found an amazing Health & Wellness Coach to keep me grounded in my career and family life. 


Adessa has worked with me as a Wellness Coach for the past 6 months. Her compassionate listening skills, affirmations and honesty have empowered me to problem solve in the most beneficial manner. Adessa has a special gift at making me feel like I am her most important client.


By her using a collaborative communication approach, I always feel like I can breathe a little easier by the end of our sessions because she  helps me release the “rocks” and the life stressors that burdened me. I always look forward to our times together.

Dr. Thao Do

Communications Coach, Business Strategist & Former Host of Courage TV

I love my coaching experiences with Adessa. She has coached me through career opportunities, relationships, and personal growth. Her coaching approach is effective because of 3 major factors.

1) Perspective: She synthesizes the stories that I share with all the minute mundane details and coaches from a big picture, holistic view across a breadth of topics from nutrition, health, and fitness, mental resilience, spiritual connection, love, and dating, family relationships, to strategic career growth.

2) Knowledge: Because of her wide range of life experiences and training, she can quickly identify my limiting beliefs and the stories that I’ve created that hold me back from achieving what I want.

3) Skills: She has the emotional intelligence skills to hold space for my experiences and know when to be gentle and nurturing vs when to be strong and powerful. She can communicate her ideas in a way that makes me feel emotionally safe when I’m sharing my vulnerability and insecurities with her as well as my joy and excitement.

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