When Pigs Fly

We all want to achieve happiness yet most of us think that it cannot be found in the present. We see it as a far-off goal that we will attain one day when… Most of us believe that our happiness is waiting for us on a street called future. We are indoctrinated to trade our happiness for the pursuit of our ambitions. We convince ourselves that happiness is found in the abundance of things. As we go through life acquiring more, still not happy, we press forward still expecting to be happy when we attain more. The adage when pigs fly generally refers to something that is highly unlikely to happen. If you find yourself saying, I will be happy when (I am married, I get divorced, I have a better job, I move, I lose weight, I gain weight, I have children, I pay off my debt), odds are you will be happy when pigs fly.

Happiness is a choice. I used to find myself saying I will be happy when I finish high school and living on my own. Well, I achieved that goal and I still wasn’t happy. I then said to myself I will be happy when I finish college. I achieved that goal too and still wasn’t happy. I said to myself I will be happy if only I could get into law school and become an attorney. Yep, achieved that goal as well and my happiness lasted for about five seconds! Every time I got to what was supposed to be happy street, I was happy for five seconds, then on to the next big thing that would make me “really” happy. At the rate I was going, the chances of me being happy was like pigs flying.

We all seem to be caught in this cycle of waiting to be happy until we get to this imaginary place. The misnomer is that the acquisition of materialism equates to happiness. The truth is that if we cannot choose happiness now when we are knee deep in life, we will not choose it when we have more stuff. The aphorism that money doesn’t buy happiness couldn’t ring truer. Happiness is not found in things but it is within us. If we think that we will be happy when we get to the imaginary finish line, odds are that will occur when pigs fly.

Happiness is our choice. No one can choose it for us, it is something that only we can choose. We can choose to be happy even when things are not as we intend. Every day is a gift and we can choose to seize it in this present moment or waste it hoping to find happiness later. Amid this pandemic, when all seems bleak, and sorrow and despair surround us, I choose happiness. Will you join me in choosing happiness?

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