PAUSE Please

When was the last time you took a moment to pause? I know pausing is not something that our society seem to recognize or value as noble. Pausing is something for the “weak.” If you have ever applied for a job or had an interview, I am almost certain that you were asked about your ability to multitask. I am also sure that you said, of course I can! Our society wants us to be like robots, moving at a thousand miles an hour. If you cannot complete projects, respond to emails, and present a report all at the same time, then you are not very valuable! My thoughts, very ineffective but hey that’s where we are as a society. Truth be told, if you were to think about it, multitasking works as good as pigs flying. This is a fictional idea that someone came up with and we just decided to run with it. We didn’t want to appear incapable or incompetent so we lied and said of course we can, when the reality is of course we cannot. We were not built to run like machinery. We are human beings. We function best when we get ample rest.

The antidote for this insatiable appetite for speed is to pause. To pause simply means to take a moment to temporarily stop moving. Why would you want to do that? I’m glad you asked. When we pause, we become energized and can gain clarity, which allows us to perform our tasks more efficiently. Here are 5 reasons why you should pause:

1. Reflection. Reflection literally means to give serious thought or consideration to something. We are so “busy” chasing after the wind that we don’t have time to give serious thought or consideration to what we are doing. If we are not seriously thinking about what we are doing, we are apt to make mistakes and waste time. If we want to be more effective and efficient then we must pause and in doing so maximize our time and effort.

2. Learn. If we are not learning, then we are not growing. Learning is the ability to acquire knowledge or skill in an area by studying. How can we grow if we do not take time to study, to understand where we are and what we are doing? How can we grow if we are not learning from our experiences? When we pause, we learn about our life, we learn about our reasons for doing things and we learn about others and ourselves.

3. Gratitude. The state of being thankful. When we take a moment to pause we can recognize all the wonderful things in our lives. We get to take a moment to be present and appreciate all that we have been blessed with.

4. Enjoy. Enjoy means to delight or take pleasure in. Life must be celebrated especially in small doses. What I mean is that we tend to forget to enjoy and celebrate the small wins waiting for the big victories. By enjoying the small wins, we will appreciate the big victories all the more.

5. Reevaluate. This means to reconsider something again. It is so important that we reevaluate our lives. When we are constantly running, we do not take time to reconsider our endeavors. This is a mistake and it often causes people to miss pivotal moments.

If we do not voluntarily pause now, then we may be involuntarily forced to pause later. What I mean is that pausing is a part of our wellness, if we are not giving our body what it needs to function optimally then it will break down. We cannot use our preoccupation as an excuse for not pausing. We should pause now willingly or risk the chance of being forced to pause later. As such, pause please!

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