The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” ―Ralph Waldo EmersonI'm a paragraph. 

Hi, I'm Adessa

I am an attorney, chef, inspirational speaker, holistic health coach and the founder of the Brave Warrior Movement.  I am passionate about making the world a healthier, happier place through one-on-one health coaching, wellness workshops and online education

As a young woman entering the job market fresh with a law degree, I became a typical prototype trying to pursue the America Dream. I soon began to find out that this so called American Dream consisted of endless debt, slaving away for others, operating in organizations that shackles your potential, working with people whose egos sabotages your career, climbing a corporate ladder that gives you a false sense of superiority, keeping up with the Jones’ and incorporating a lifestyle that limits your freedom and ability to dream.  The problem was that though successful on paper, privately my life felt meaningless.  I was following a life template that was sounded by society where I operated according to the constructs that were mandated by society. As a result my life was out of harmony but on paper it appeared perfect to those around me because disharmony and chaos is so ingrained in our society that many are blinded by it.  The format that society mandates does not work. Good grades + good college + hard work = the supposed good life, the American dream. This societal format is a myth that if you follow is guaranteed to leave you dissatisfied and unfulfilled in your life. I was living a safe life that left me with material possessions but no substance.



I decided to embark on a discovery to find out who I am.  From endless moments of failure and constant talks with God, I discovered why I am here on this planet. That incredible discovery has led me here to you. I am so incredibly humbled by the magnitude of what I am meant to do—empower and inspire others and that is the highest form of servitude. 


My mission in life is now to empower woman to discover their superpower-mind, body and spirit. It is to kick down the doors of fear and inspire women to walk into the fullness of who they were created to be. It is also to live a well-balanced lifestyle where they are fully connected to their purpose and where their lives are bright, bold, fun, filled with laughter and freedom.  It is also to live a well-balanced lifestyle where you are living on purpose, with satisfaction and laughter will be the healing powers to life’s trials and tribulations. This is the recipe for living an epic life.


With this in mind, I have created the Warrior Movement where women will pursue their mission and live a life of purpose every single day. Those immersed in this Movement will reemerge like brave warriors where they will not be ruled by fear, mediocrity but rather walk in the power of their unique super power. It means stepping out on faith and courage to take chances and find your talents and true God given gifts. I have something to share with you that will break the chains that holds you down.  I will teach you methods and strategies that will change your negative thoughts, fears and doubts into a transformational lifestyle that will make you exceedingly happy.

I primarily work with women who outwardly appear to be successful but internally feel unfulfilled and that there is something missing in their life.  They want more out of life but don’t know how to obtain it.  My practice focuses on the integration of the mind, body and spirit to empower women to connect on a deeper level and in doing so that ultimately allows them to unleash their super power and live a purpose driven life. I work with clients on multidimensional levels by harnessing the power of the mind, body and spirit to exponentially catapult the lives of my clients.  This approach is uniquely tailored to the individual therefore clients can expect to experience the following:

  • Reduction of stress

  • Clarity of purpose

  • Renewed Balance

  • Recipes to make you feel energized

  • Tips for creating delicious snacks on the go

  • Repel fear and mediocrity

  • Become better leaders

  • Super charged energy

  • Spiritual vision

  • Powerful daily routines & practices

  • Master leadership mindset

  • Using laughter medicinally

  • Build Powerful relationships

  • Self-care ritual 

  • Better Health

  • Healthy, easy and delicious recipes

  • Super charged relationship with God

  • Simple, easy methods for working out

The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” ―Ralph Waldo Emerson

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