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Wellness is not merely the absence of disease, it is the ability to create balance and harmony in every area of your life. As your wellness practitioner, I empower you to eat healthy, develop power mindset and habits, so that you connect to what brings you joy.  By partnering with me using my proprietary methodology, you will discover what inspires, empowers and pushes you to become the best version of YOU.  Regardless of your objective, working with me will produce sustainable results that will last a lifetime.  The results will be a transformed mind, body and spirit. 


FOOD is POWER and it should be DELICIOUS, colorful and nourishing.  Partner with me and together we will create mouth watering meals, including yummy dressings and sauces, custom salads and bowls that are healthy and soul satisfying. Check out some of my recipes.


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Adessa Barker
Wellness Practitioner

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”


- African Proverb -

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