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Adessa is a transformative speaker and wellness practitioner.  She helps people and organizations create a culture of wellness.  Adessa has worked with governmental agencies and organizations throughout the Washington, DC area.  

Wellness is more than diet and exercise, but it is a synergistic connection between the mind and the body.  It is the ability to create balance and harmony in every area of life. For many of us, what stands in the way of us being at our best is principally our faulty belief system.  Our belief system that tells us that we are unworthy or in some way inadequate. 


Education, talent, hard work, connections, and resources are no match for belief.  Everything starts and ends with belief.  As such, whether we succeed or fail in life all hangs on our belief.  Belief opens the gateway for possibility and once that door is ajar we can be free to be—whatever we want to be.  My mission is to help people believe.  Believe in themselves, believe in their mission and believe that better is possible. 

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