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Health & Wellness Coach

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Firstly, thank you for being here. You are here for a reason!


Here's a bit about me. Laughter is my medicine, and I have a heart for helping people live dynamically.  What I have found is that when I operate in congruency with my purpose, I perform on a higher vibration.  If you were to study my beginning, you would discover that there is no way I should be where I am. This is why it is absolutely imperative that I share the principles that has aided me in becoming this ever evolving woman.


Hi there, I'm Adessa

FUEL your BODY like a one of a kind Lamborghini Veneno! Check out my recipes that are yummy and satisfying that happen to be healthy. I believe that food should be delicious, energizing and fun.  My food will make ya bust a move for sure!



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